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Petite Belle

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From Pam

The team at Petite Belle and I would like to thank you all for your friendship, support and patronage throughout our years as Mabelle and recently as Petite Belle at the Junction.

It is not without some sadness that we announce we will close our doors on May 28 and PetiteBelle as you know it will not return.

The building we currently lease is going to be developed and the new plans do not allow for us to continue to trade.

However, we have taken a lease on a small cafe inside the Junction Fair and will open for coffee and cake on May 30.

This cafe will have a different name, different menu and will no longer focus on Gluten-free, dairy-free offerings although will carry a selection of some of our favourite.

We ask that you come and say “Hi” when we open our doors.

Because MaBelle and Petite Belle will not be returning I am putting the Petite Belle business up for sale .

This will include fittings, furnishings, all marketing materials, website and I am offering my recipes and coaching to a new owner. These businesses have been the achievement of my life and I would love nothing more than a new enthusiastic restaurateur to take them on board and make them their own.

If you are interested in buying the business I ask that you contact me either in person at Petite Belle till May 28 or via email

Thank you for your patronage, your laughter and friendship.